Get your fill of the classics at Norton’s cafe in Nashua   4 Stars**** 
Norton’s Classic Cafe
233 Main St., Nashua.

Food: ****
Service: ****
Value: ****
Atmosphere: Classic diner with 1950s flair.
Good for: Comfort food.
Specialties: Homemade soups, onion rings, home-style meals.
Prices: $1-$9.99
Alcohol: No.
Smoking: No.
Handicapped Accessible: Yes. 
Payment: MasterCard & Visa
Vegetarian Friendly: Limited selections available.
***** = Perfect   **** = Excellent    *** = Good   ** = Fair    * = Poor
Mr. T for T feels the test of any diner should be its Meatloaf ($6.95), and Norton’s passed with flying colors. The three thick slices of spicy ground beef were topped with a smoky, homemade mushroom sauce and accompanied with a pile of canned corn and homemade red skin mashed potatoes.
Mrs. T for T judges her diners on soup and dessert. Norton’s homemade chili ($2.75/3.89) and soup du jour ($2.75/$3.89) – on this day chicken and rice – passed her test with flying colors, as did the pudding of the day, Grapenut ($2.59).
We also thought the Roast Turkey Dinner with all the fixings ($7.59) was an excellent preview of the holidays to come.
And Norton’s Chicken Fingers served with French Fries ($5.89) are not frozen, but rather made from juicy, boneless chicken breast for the same price as a deep-fried, mystery-meat fast-food meal.
Norton’s is also proud of its fish dishes, including the Fried Clams and Fried Scallops dinners ($9.95), served with a starch and veggies of the day.
There are also specials during the night seatings like Sauteed Chicken with mushrooms and capers in lemon butter sauce ($8.95), and pasta specials like homemade Macaroni and Cheese or Baked Ziti (6.95).
And if you’re like us, you’ll also sample something from the soda fountain like a Vanilla Coke made with real syrup, thick frappe or a refreshing Lime Rickey.
In these days of shrinking discretionary spending, Norton’s Classic Diner is a real bargain for a hungry family looking for a fun night out with no sticker shock when the bill arrives.